Letter to Trek Participants

Dear Youth, Parents, and Leaders of Trek,

Along with our Stake Presidency & youth leaders, we would like to invite you to join us this Sunday, July 5, in a special fast for our upcoming Kent Stake Youth Trek (beginning July 15th). The temperatures have been high in Bing Canyon the last few weeks, so we will trek in the early cooler hours of the day and have times of shade and lots of ice and water along the way. We would like to ask you to fast that the Lord might temper the elements, & bless us that we might be able to bear up under the challenges we will face at Bing Canyon.

Here are the latest updates and reminders for trek. Please carefully read and follow these guidelines:

There will be No Youth Trek Fireside on Sunday, July 12th. This email is being sent in the place of the fireside.

On Sunday, July 12th at 7 pm there will be a Ma and Pa training meeting instead. Those who should attend are Ma’s and Pa’s, Company Captains, and our Trail Boss and his wife. Important final details will be discussed.

We have attached the personal equipment list. Please make sure you have all of these items and pay special attention to these details:

  • No bike shorts or spandex long pants under girl’s dresses (too hot/moist). Instead, wear loose light cotton pantaloons.
  • Gold Bond powder can help prevent chaffing for girls and boys.
  • Bring 2 pairs of shoes, one for daily trekking and one for a river crossing (no flip flops or loose fitting shoes).
  • Bring acrylic or polyester socks. No cotton socks – they will cause blisters.
  • Bring a water bottle that will not crush easily or break.
  • Make sure you bring a pioneer story from your family.
  • It is best to have a neck cooler for the hot temperatures. Another option are Arctic Cool Cooling Towels (Costco)

Do Not Bring the Following to Trek

  • No food or candy
  • No immodest clothing (see-thru when wet or dry)
  • No swimming suits
  • No shorts, midriffs, sleeveless tops
  • No T-shirts (as outerwear)
  • No jewelry
  • No fireworks, matches, or lighters
  • No electronic devices (no cell phones, iPods, Game Boys, radios, etc.)
  • No hatchets, sheath or butterfly knives (pocket knives are ok)
  • No face cards
  • No inappropriate materials or behaviors that are not consistent with the standards found in the For the Strength of Youth booklet
  • No thick foam pads that take up too much room. Thin backpack type sleeping pads are appropriate.

Please turn in Medical & Permission forms as soon as possible if you have not done so. Please give them to the following Trek Committee members this Sunday, July 5th.

  • PO/SB – Bro or Sis Maucotel
  • LM – Rob Welch
  • CL – Tiffany Carbajal
  • SH – Gil Lewis
  • CW – Meghann Larkin
  • LS – Heather Froisland
  • Stake – Tiffany Carbajal

Saturday July 11th at 1 pm – Bring your bucket (filled with personal equipment), and your bedroll to the Stake Center. It will be loaded in trailers and driven to Bing Canyon ahead of us.

Wednesday July 15th at 7 am – Report to the Stake Center for our Trek Departure Meeting. Be prepared for that meeting by: Eating a good breakfast before you come, wearing your pioneer clothing, bringing a sack lunch & water bottle to eat on the road.

Please keep exercising and preparing for trek.

Parents/Leaders – if you have special plans to get yourself or your youth to or home from Trek, please call Adam Shumway @ 801-691-2964. He is setting up youth in cars to come and go from Trek.

Emergency Contact Information for Bing Canyon is: Elder Bill and Sister Cathy Coe 435-680-3999 and 509-947-6357.

For information about latest updates, exercising, sewing clothing, making neck coolers, or registration please visit the site menu links above.

Best wishes in your preparations,
Mark and Audrey Maucotel, Kent Stake Youth Trek Leaders

Fireside Cancelled

The fireside scheduled for Sunday evening July 12th has been cancelled. Here are the important upcoming dates:

  • Saturday July 11th, 1:00pm personal & family gear drop off (@ KSC)
  • Sunday July 12th, 7:00pm final Ma & Pa meeting – company captains and trail boss with spouses should also attend (@ KSC)
  • Wednesday July 15th, 6:00am LEADERS arrive, 7:00am YOUTH Arrive, 8:00am we LEAVE for Trek (from KSC)
  • Sunday July 19th, 7:00pm welcome home fireside & testimony mtg. (@ KSC)

Keep up with your temporal and spiritual preparations, and we’ll see you soon!

Let’s Dance! The Sequel

The second dance practice will be held at the Kent Stake Center on Wednesday June 17th at 7:00pm. This additional training is for all youth and the Mas and Pas who will be joining us for Trek. Dances to be learned and/or reviewed: Virginia Reel and Oh Johnny Oh. Our dance instructor will be Sister Lisa Hillyard, so please come, prepare for the Trek, and have some fun! Thank you Sister Hillyard!

Stake Trek Fireside

A stake Trek fireside was held on 31 May 2015 (Sunday evening). Mariah Lindsay (SH) conducted the fireside, with Summer Froisland (LS) chorister, and Conner Gessel (CL) on the piano. Speakers consisted of the following individuals:

  • Wesley King – football camp conflict presented a challenge & opportunity
  • Katie Manning – her experiences from Trek 2011 & her excitement for Trek 2015
  • Blake Johnson – how his 2 Trek experiences helped him prepare for a mission
  • President Morgan – having a good attitude makes all the difference

After the fireside concluded, attendees were ushered in to the cultural hall to review various displays by the Trek committees. The handcart displayed at the Ma & Pa training was also present for the youth and parents to see. To assist the youth and parents in seeing/visiting all the various displays, Sister Heather Froisland (Publicity Committee) put together a checklist, as well as important dates, preparation hints/tips, and where to go for more information. You can review this handout by clicking the thumbnail image below. Thanks to all who participated!

Trek Fireside Checklist
~ click the image above to view

Ma & Pa Training Part 2

A second training session for the Mas and Pas of Trek 2015 was held on Saturday morning May 30th. A few handouts were distributed, and they can be found on the Resources and Documents page. Additionally, the following resources were provided (please review at your earliest convenience):

Trek SafetyLDS.org – Trek Safety, Training & Video Resources
Bing Canyon Web SiteOfficial Bing Canyon (Trek) Web Site
Relative FinderFind your ancestors
Laundry/Gear BagsSturdy Black Laundry Bags for Trek Gear (purchase in sets of 5)

Upcoming Events

From the Maucotels:

Here’s a bit more information to help us on our way with Trek:

The next Ma & Pa Training is Saturday May 30th, 8 am to noon at the Kent Stake Center. Please wear your trek clothes if you have them. It will be a great morning of important hands-on training. The different committees preparing Trek will present the things you all need to know.

[dao]This Sunday, May 31st, will be a stake fireside for all youth attending Trek, their parents and youth leaders. The fireside will be held at 7:00pm in the KSC chapel. After we meet in the chapel, we will be moving to the cultural hall for displays from the various committees to assist with trek preparation. Please plan to attend, it should be a wonderful evening as we continue our preparations for Trek 2015.

Ma & Pa’s please plan to attend the last Ma & Pa Training on June 23rd at 7 pm at the Kent Stake Center. You will meet your Big Brother and/or Big Sister there. These older youth will help you with your family.

There will be another Square Dance Practice on June 17th at 7 pm at the Kent Stake Center. Please plan to be there. You Ma & Pa’s will learn to dance there. We will not have a dance practice at the Ma & Pa Training.

All adults going on Trek need to register just like the youth. Here is the link for the adult registrations: http://www.kentstakeyouthtrek.org/adultreg/

The link above and the associated online registration form will be available starting at 8am on May 25th (Memorial Day).

Thank You

Let’s Dance!

It’s time to learn the Trek dances! 2 Trek dance training sessions will be held at the Kent Stake Center on the following dates: Wednesday May 20th and Wednesday June 17th at 7:00pm. This training is for all youth and the Mas and Pas who will be joining us for Trek. Dances to be learned: Virginia Reel and Oh Johnny Oh. We have some great instructors, so please come, prepare for the Trek, and have some fun!

Deadline Extensions

The Stake Aaronic Priesthood / Young Women (AP/YW) Committee met last Sunday, March 22, 2015 and decided to extend the minimum birthday deadline for Trek attendance this year to August 31st. This means that any youth turning 14 by this date, and will be entering high-school as a freshman, are invited to attend Trek in July along with all high-school age students (including those graduating in June).
Additionally, the registration deadline has been extended to the Sunday after General Conference, April 12th. Please make sure online registrations are complete, and that permission forms are signed and delivered to the ward YW/YM leaders along with the $10 registration fee by this time. Thank You