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Upcoming Events

From the Maucotels:

Here’s a bit more information to help us on our way with Trek:

The next Ma & Pa Training is Saturday May 30th, 8 am to noon at the Kent Stake Center. Please wear your trek clothes if you have them. It will be a great morning of important hands-on training. The different committees preparing Trek will present the things you all need to know.

[dao]This Sunday, May 31st, will be a stake fireside for all youth attending Trek, their parents and youth leaders. The fireside will be held at 7:00pm in the KSC chapel. After we meet in the chapel, we will be moving to the cultural hall for displays from the various committees to assist with trek preparation. Please plan to attend, it should be a wonderful evening as we continue our preparations for Trek 2015.

Ma & Pa’s please plan to attend the last Ma & Pa Training on June 23rd at 7 pm at the Kent Stake Center. You will meet your Big Brother and/or Big Sister there. These older youth will help you with your family.

There will be another Square Dance Practice on June 17th at 7 pm at the Kent Stake Center. Please plan to be there. You Ma & Pa’s will learn to dance there. We will not have a dance practice at the Ma & Pa Training.

All adults going on Trek need to register just like the youth. Here is the link for the adult registrations:

The link above and the associated online registration form will be available starting at 8am on May 25th (Memorial Day).

Thank You