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Kent Washington Stake Aaronic Priesthood / Young Women Committee
(as of 14 June 2015):

Jeff Morgan, Stake Presidency First Counselor, Committee Chair
Rob Welch, High Council
Dan Olson, High Council

Dick Wing, Young Men President
Adam Shumway, Young Men First Counselor
Lathe Bigler, Young Men Second Counselor
Eric Lofgran, Young Men Secretary
Kevin Kutterer, Young Men Board Member & Stake D.J.

Le Ann Lofgran, Young Women President
Darcy Liechty, Young Women First Counselor
Melia DuPree, Young Women Second Counselor
Kymberlee Heninger, Young Women Secretary
Cindy Hayward, Young Women Asst. Secretary, Asst. Camp Director, PP, BM
Tiffany Carbajal, Young Women Camp Director, Board Member
Mayte Stroud, Young Women Board Member

Kent Stake Youth Trek 2015 Leaders & Committee Chairs
(as of 14 June 2015):

Mark & Audrey Maucotel, 2015 Kent Stake Youth Trek Leaders
Email address:

Mark Wareham – Equipment & Logistics
Shelly Lindsay – Medical
Cindy Startin – Events & Activities
Kelly Johnson – Clothing
Cindy Hainer – Food
Heather Froisland – Publications & Publicity
Gil Lewis – History & Photography

Emergency Contact Information for Bing Canyon:
Elder Bill and Sister Cathy Coe 435-680-3999 & 509-947-6357

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Daniel A. Olson – (feedback welcome)